General Terms and Conditions


1. All our sales, operations, deliveries, and services are subject to the following conditions and supplementary conditions. Any other conditions put forth by the client cannot be accepted, except where there is a specific agreement in writing in this regard. Our offers are only an indication of what the delivery and performance involves.

2. Xcelllent is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, cash, or other personal objects that belong to clients during projects/service by Xcelllent.

3. All Xcelllent’s clients are required to familiarize themselves with these general sales conditions, and to accept them.

4. Xcelllent is required to make these general sales conditions known to the client.

5. Each person is responsible for minors and/or objects under their supervision with regards to the applicable regulations by the Belgian and foreign authorities, such as the police, customs, etc….

6. Our company declines all responsibility in case of assignment interruption as a result of force majeure such as flooding, accidents, traffic jams, road works, fog, strikes, etc.... the resulting and additional costs for transportation or accommodation are charged to the client. This list is not exhaustive.

7. All prices given to the client, those established in our programs as well as those given in a special quote, are subject to change under the general economic conditions and in particular due to price increases of raw materials or labour, and the applicable taxes by the Belgian State.

8. Our company cannot be held accountable in any form for illness, accidents, or incidents and their consequences that our clients undergo for the duration of the project, outside of the project boundaries, such as restaurant and/or cafe visits, subway travel, etc....

Order conditions

1. All orders that are cancelled up to 21 days before the start of the project will be invoiced for 30 per cent of the total invoice. From the 20th to the 10th day, the cancellation fee is 50%, from 9 days before the start of the project, or same-day cancellation, or if the client chooses to abandon the project, the total project fee will be invoiced.

2. The person who signs the order receipt is bound jointly and in solidarity to the association or legal person by whom the contract is carried out, to pay the invoice or any form of damage compensation.

3. Drinks and/or meals consumed during a tour as well as invoices of shop visits are never charged to Xcelllent, unless otherwise specified in the tender.

Payment conditions and complaints

1. Our invoices are payable in cash or by bank transfer on the date indicated, in Brussels, in Euros, without discounts.

2. In the case of payment delay, automatically and without notice, a default interest of 15% per year from the due date shall be charged. Moreover, in case of payment delay, automatically and without notice, the balance due will be increased by 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 50 euros and a maximum of 1500 Euros. This is considered standard compensation for expenses other than the loss of interest and actual legal expenses.

3. The client may, before the start of a project, service, or programme, transfer it to a third party, although they must fulfil all conditions of the contract to be carried out. The transferring party must notify Xcelllent of the changes in a timely fashion and in writing. The transferring client and the transferee are held responsible for paying the total invoice and any expenses resulting from the transfer.

4. Any complaints or objections will only be accepted if they are done in writing, sent by registered letter, and within eight days after receipt of the invoice or within 48 hours after the delivery of services.

5. Agreements or prices not included in the contract are not accepted as a complaint.

6. For dispute resolution, only Belgian law will apply and only Brussels courthouses are authorized to do so.

7. Disputes concerning the amount invoiced shall in no case exempt invoice payment.